Part 3: The Teenage Brain – Old vs New Research

by Sadaf Khwaja

An Interview by Sonia Elhaj
Coaching, Certified Collective Life Coach and
Founder of the Free Butterfly Tribe in Facebook

In order to get your Teen to listen, what part needs to be addressed first, before a request from you is met. What works to create the MAGIC pause? How many choices is ideal to be given to a Teen? What does it mean to have a CLASH of your and their needs and how to actually have them heard FIRST, and then you for a more appropriate dialogue?

What 3 components can make then feel good about themselves, that they need to FEEL under each moment so they can trust and come back to you, even if things are not working out? Learn how hard it can be for teens to actually want to please you, and know that whatever they do, they feel they are misunderstood – a component that is because the  brain is still “under construction” in specific areas for self-regulation, logic and decision-making.

If you are interested to:

  1. Understand how to communicate effectively with your teenager so they hear you and you hear them?
  2. What sentences work? What do not?
  3. How to engage with your teenager besides a “no” or “yes” dialogue?
  4. Create Long-lasting relationships with your teenager even until college,

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