Part 2: The Teenage Brain – Old vs New Research

by Sadaf Khwaja

An Interview by Sonia Elhaj
Coaching, Certified Collective Life Coach and
Founder of the Free Butterfly Tribe in Facebook

The Teenage Brain is highly active and starts to show itself at or during Middle School. This is a natural transition from primary school, when all things especially related to academics and expectations start to increase and rise, BUT the brain is unaware of how to manage the magnitude of it all. An important aspect of providing help for the teenager involves “Study Skills” to accommodate the new curriculum and its requirements with different subject areas. No doubt, at this stage, clear structure, routines, guidance and timetables are pivotal for their productivity and the harmony of a home. You cannot expect them to do it alone!

Learn more how to engage with your teen by addressing an important aspect of the brain’s development. Watch it here

If you are interested to:

  1. Understand how to communicate effectively with your teenager so they hear you and you hear them?
  2. What sentences work? What do not?
  3. How to engage with your teenager besides a “no” or “yes” dialogue?
  4. Create Long-lasting relationships with your teenager even until college,

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