Part 1: The Teenage Brain – Old vs New Research

by Sadaf Khwaja

An Interview by Sonia Elhaj
Coaching, Certified Collective Life Coach and
Founder of the Free Butterfly Tribe in Facebook

Just when you feel your child has gotten the hold of things, such as managing school, activities, home, personal and social areas in their lives by 11 or 12, maybe 13, all of a sudden, there are instances where you feel “What is happening?” I thought they know how to plan, organize and handle their lives. Why are they acting up so much? 

The truth is , we are missing a HUGE gap in understanding the Teenage Brain FIRST, and all that is going on developmentally in the minds of the kids – which creates turmoil in their lives, and thus around peers and parents – creating confusion and chaos in families.

In order to make any progress at all with your teens, it becomes clear that you need to understand How the Teenage Brain works ? What area in the brain is creating their high emotional states? What needs to be said FIRST before asking them to do a task? How long will it take to form ? At what age does the teen brain develop to form into an adult brain? And more.

If you are interested to:

  1. Understand how to communicate effectively with your teenager so they hear you and you hear them?
  2. What sentences work? What do not?
  3. How to engage with your teenager besides a “no” or “yes” dialogue?
  4. Create Long-lasting relationships with your teenager even until college,

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