Frequently Asked Questions.

If I ask you what my role means, you might include the following from amongst many:
  1. Assist students in finding their career paths?
  2. What universities and colleges are a good fit for them?
  3. Give guidance and “tell” them what they are “good” at?
What is my real Job in Simple Terms?

I help, facilitate, steer youth find their PURPOSE in their school life that eventually leads them to pursue a college or university to fit their needs to become life-long learners with a passion! When there is Purpose, there is a direction and goal to pursue! In achieving that goal – I use all the professional tools available as a Careers and guidance counselor AND introduce to students How to Be a Master Student to get there.

Beneath all needs and eventual future goals for students is “How can I study effectively, efficiently and smartly?” to conquer academic struggles and frustration from one term to the next leading to a successful grade to grade transition. Once academic goals are sorted out, a myriad of possibilities shows up for matching the student to the career choices and universities of their preference.

This is where my training in “Study Skills Strategies” comes into play almost always in a counselling session. It is a win-win opportunity – just to know that any career pathway is possible if you learn and apply the strategies for getting the grades for the subjects that are unique as is each individual.

Is Study Skills similar to “tuitions”?

No, it is not at all like giving or taking tuitions. It involves discovering where specifically the block is in terms of being able to actually do the job of studying. It ranges from motivation, goals, organizing and time management, memorizing, reading and listening skills, learning styles, note-taking, test-taking and preparation, to name a few.

With that in mind, I have learned, researched, acquired further education and courses with trainings so that I could make workshops with the intent of passing the tools to youth and parents. My belief has been that we are raising Adults for our Society, and imagine what a beautiful place they can make when they discover their purpose and reason for making their invaluable contribution to the world!

What can I expect in a typical session?

My role is to help the client share the presenting concern in a manner that their desired outcome is achieved before the session ends, leaving with a clear-cut plan of action and possibilities.

My 5 steps framework include:

  1. Desired State.
  2. Empowered State.
  3. Solutions State.
  4. Strategy Introduction/Replacement State.
  5. Energized State.
Can learning study skills assure high grades for you?

Having taught “How to be a Master Student” in community colleges in USA, I witnessed how pervasive students were in “lacking” study skill strategies for success! It made me think “What if they had the same knowledge in high school, even earlier in middle school?” for them to witness greater success in achieving good grades – so that they are basically EQUIPPED AND READY TO GO in college!

That would be a great advantage in their favor, and not waste time learning “How to Study and Learn” for college courses. So, I started to work and introduce study skill workshops according to age ranges and academic needs from Grade 8 till high school.

I conducted a Pilot Study with some students who volunteered to undergo certain strategies for me to see, if they were able to retain and learn information and how it impacts grades for tests. They agreed to follow a Study skill set for a week and see how they performed for a test the following week.

The results were phenomenal – the retention rate of “information learned” practicing the technique, versus those who did not participate in the focus group was a whopping 97% compared to only 20%!

So, if students could do that for one week and see the dramatic shift for academic success and high grades – imagine what would happen if they could make it a habit and continue for a whole year – till the Final exams! I have seen many students ONLY benefit from doing this strategy and have never received any complaints from students. The only side effect was that students were motivated to study and work hard!

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