AHUG Program

A HUG Program is all about “Becoming a Well-rounded Functional Student for Middle School, High School, or University.

My Message to Teens

You must be ready to put in the work, the time, the commitment knowing that all that you do is your choice, but you will be getting A HUG throughout the journey.

My program is catered around the 4 principles that every Teen need, which is their right to have in order to thrive:


Figure out what went well, what didn’t? what worked, what didn’t? How can I help you move forward doing things differently each time to meet your goal?


Literally I will be holding you throughout the time you and I work together. You will feel safe, and heard and I will be there each step of the way as your biggest cheerleader.


This implies that there will be no judgement about you as a person. And I will do my best in understanding your needs as you walk towards your progress.


You are entitled to all the help you need with resources, tools, tips and techniques for what you need to keep moving forward.

All personal, academic and wellbeing tools/resources are provided around what the Teen Brain needs and agreed upon by the client = Structure, Consistency, Clear Expectations with a Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset.

Why does this happen?

The pain of sitting and working is too much – it’s hard! There are too many distractions and attractive substitutes (PLEASURE activities) versus doing school or homework that requires focus, effort and thinking (PAINFUL activities). That’s why the brain willingly wants to AVOIDwork! It doesn’t like to be in uncomfortable situations, and will wish to avoid it, UNLESS they are guided, assisted and navigated till it becomes routine in their brain patterns.

Priorities get mixed up. Since more time is spent on Pleasure, experiencing the slightest Pain is hard to keep attention even ongoing. Adults experience this too.


What needs to happen is critical?

Teenagers are experiencing a lot of self-doubt and lack clarity because THE BRAIN has no clear-cut structure and boundaries around both activities that elicit PAIN and PLEASURE.

The brain is being rewired for Pleasure mostly, and all activities that are good and useful are being sidelined. Goals that once were made and identified are being modified and changed ONLY because the teenagers feel they CANNOT do it. That’s right. The ACTION of “doing” something is at stake!

It is easier for them to complain and find shortcuts but, the REALissue is not knowing or wanting to go through pain. The effort put into work is really the “bare minimum.” School, teachers and parents become a target for this behavior in the teenager’s mind. And blame is attributed rather than taking on ownership and responsibility of their choices. Pain creates fear and anxiety and the brain is active in searching for comfort and ease. My program is catered around the 4 principles that every Teen learns for creating neural pathways that enhance productive habits, which is their right to have in order to thrive and learn life skills.

Next Steps:

Visit the Student Support Packages and the Moms of Teens links below, to see how to best find a program for your Teenager as they go through school.