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I’m Sadaf Khwaja

Motivational Speaker, Master NLP Coach, Academic Coach, Careers and Guidance Counselor, Theta Healing Practitioner

M.Ed (Counseling) and MBA (Marketing) ANLP and ICF Member

I am a US trained and certified educational specialist, practicing for 15 years in this field. When I was in the United States, I taught and counseled both students and re-entry adults at college levels who were unclear about their academic options, personal and career goals, and higher education possibilities.

It is no doubt very rewarding to see clients recognize their abilities, overcome challenges by feeling motivated and confident about their goals, to make well-informed and clear decisions about their life and future.

Having worked with 1800 students conducting career tests, selecting subjects for their IGCSE and high school, I was able to pilot the “Study Skill Strategies” formula for studying according to one’s potential and getting high grades – which is one of the main academic requirements of a student.

Years of total experience

Years specializing in education field

Students conducting career tests

One hundred percent success rate

Formula for School Success:

Guidance tools + Customized help + Personalized Study Strategies = Empowered Student with a Life Purpose

Finding your “purpose”

Finding your purpose is the key, and what is needed then is developing the self-discipline to follow it especially when you do not feel like doing it. This is where I witnessed phenomenal results – some who still apply the knowledge in college and in jobs!
My passion has always been to know “What kind of support kids need to keep motivated and/or inspired in schools?” and “How can we do that as educators, parents, care-givers inside and outside of school?” – all the while keeping updated with current trends, and research practices.
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Career Development
  • Academic Coach
  • Motivational Coach
My support is to see students go off to pursue their life goals with certainty and clarity, knowing and visualizing personal success for being a Lifelong Learner.

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